Show & Save is Manitoba’s #1 choice for fundraising, and it’s easy to see why!

Show & Save appeals to anyone and everyone, which means your organization or group won’t have any trouble selling it! Plus, the introduction of the exciting new Show & Save App means even more great features and savings!
  • ficon1.pngSchools or school groups
  • ficon2.pngDaycares
  • ficon3.pngEmployee groups
  • ficon4.pngCommunity clubs
  • ficon5.pngCharitable organizations
  • ficon6.pngChurch groups
  • Group-10.pngSports teams
  • And more!
Family Lunching

How it works:

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    Contact Show & Save to register your group's fundraiser.

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    Show & Save will provide all the necessary information you will need to get started.

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    Your organization heads out into the world to sell Show & Save subscriptions.

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    When a subscription is purchased, the information of the purchaser is recorded, payment is taken, and a Mobile App Activation Card is supplied.

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    Purchaser enters the Activation Code from the Card to gain access to the thousands of dollars in deals and starts to save money!

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